SEO Trends to Expect in 2020

SEO Trends to Expect in 2024 And Beyond

SEO Trends to Expect in 2024 & Beyond

Search engine optimization (SEO) tactics change often. If you’re not sure how to keep up with the times, your company’s Google ranking could be affected.

With the increase in online competition and new websites and blogs, you should keep up with the latest SEO Trends to Expect in 2024 to get a higher ranking. It will be necessary to redefine the content strategy and the use of technology.

Before looking for more information on how to update your SEO, why not see what you can expect next year? These are just some of the trends you can expect to see in SEO and digital marketing in 2024.

People Will Search How They Speak

More and more people are using voice assistants on their smartphones to search the Internet while they are on the move. When people write, they tend to go with the shortest possible sentence to convey the point. The opposite is true when searching through voice commands. Because voice searches tend to use longer and more complicated phrases, companies need to adjust their SEO tactics.

Instead of using one or two word key phrases, they will need to use salable phrases that are long and short. Adding tables or bullets to the content can increase the chances of Google picking up your website as a result of a voice search.

There Will Be Even More Focus on Performance

The user experience on your website has always been important, but Google and other search engines are ramping up the game in the coming year. As the calendar changes over in a few months, you’ll want to focus on building faster websites that keep up with technological changes such as 5G mobile and fiber optic cables. The faster your site loads, the easier it is to navigate, and the better content it has, the more positive the user experience will be. Remember, Google changes page rankings often, but it almost never knocks down pages that people genuinely like.

Artificial Intelligence Will Become More Important

Artificial intelligence isn’t just available for service phone calls anymore. AI collects and analyzes data and has become an everyday occurrence and means of predicting what a client wants and providing it. The best time to familiarize yourself with artificial intelligence and what it means for your SEO strategy is now.

In the near future, Google intends to use it to read your website, understand any testimonials you provide and analyze any content related to your company name to evaluate where your business should rank in a search result.

Mobile Devices Are at the Forefront

Fewer people than ever are accessing the internet from laptop or desktop computers, which means your website won’t get far if it isn’t mobile-friendly. Beyond a responsive design that works for screens of all sizes, you also need to create rich snippets. These pieces of information show up on Google’s search engine results page and should include important information such as what you sell, your location, and your hours or phone number.

Whether you just created your website a few months ago, or you haven’t changed the homepage in a decade, now is the time to up your SEO game. Don’t stop there, either. Remember to keep abreast of changing trends in SEO and to update your website as needed to reflect those new trends.

Snippets to drive most of the traffic

Over the last few years, Google has renovated the search engine to make the user experience very easy and seamless. Featured Snippets are one fine example of improved user experience. On the basis of query searched by users, Google ranks the best result in the form of a snippet. This snippet is ranked above the #1 search result.

And no doubt, these featured snippets generate around 55% of the clicks. Hence, this trend can’t be taken lightly, considering that more than half of the clicks are driven through snippets. In 2020, the use of snippets will increase, and more queries will have featured snippets.

Video content

Like the popularity of voice searches, videos are also becoming an equally popular means of information. Video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo are the new forms of televisions for people.

The new generation of Internet users prefer to browse and obtain information using videos because they are easier and less time consuming. That is why you can not miss the most of the video content for your business.

Many companies are already using YouTube as a social media platform that helps them not only generate traffic but also acquire customers. To take full advantage of this trend, you should create videos with high quality content and optimize it for SEO.

You should use a video site map to inform Google about your keywords and related information. Keywords must be used correctly in video metadata and must be shared on other social media platforms.

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