50 High DA DoFollow Article Submission Sites List 2020

Free 50 High DA DoFollow Article Submission Sites List 2024

Do you seem for a list of best free article submission sites to submit your articles in article directories in 2024 to build high domain authority DoFollow backlinks?

If yes, this post will help you to get a list of free high authority DoFollow article submission sites to build high authority backlinks and to improve the ranking of your web pages in search engine results pages in 2024.

If you are an SEO beginner and looking for the high domain authority and page authority sites to build inbound backlinks, you can also read our new post top 10 free article submission sites list 2024.

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How to Article Submission?

While you are going to post your articles to article directories, don’t forget to follow the terms and conditions of the website.

There are too many points you have to follow at the moment of submitting your content. Some of them are as:

  • Post unique and fresh content.
  • Follow the website’s guidelines.
  • Place a few backlinks in content.
  • Select the right category and tags
  • .Write SEO-Friendly title and description.
  • Use high-resolution graphics or images.
  • What are DoFollow Article Submission Sites?
  • DoFollow article submission sites are the sites that allow search engines to follow an external web site’s link to crawl a website.

Free article submission sites will help you to improve the visibility of a website in different search engines.

Free High DA Follow Article Submission Sites List 2024

  1. https://articles.h1ad.com
  2. https://blog.yookalo.com
  3. https://story.wallclassifieds.com
  4. https://article.classifiedsfactor.com
  5. https://blogs.findermaster.com
  6. https://article.advertiseera.com
  7. https://blog.shopolop.com
  8. https://www.ologames.com
  9. https://blog.freeadstime.org
  10. https://www.bloggersroad.com
  11. https://theblogarena.com
  12. https://www.searchenginelibro.com
  13. https://www.latestseosites.com
  14. https://www.superseosites.com
  15. https://www.foundationbacklink.com
  16. https://www.digitalmarketinghints.com
  17. https://www.freeadstime.org
  18. https://www.h1ad.com
  19. https://www.yookalo.com
  20. https://www.classifiedsfactor.com
  21. https://www.wallclassifieds.com
  22. https://www.findermaster.com
  23. https://www.advertiseera.com
  24. https://ads.digitalmarketinghints.com
  25. https://ads.shopolop.com
  26. https://ad.ologames.com
  27. https://www.rectanglead.com
  28. https://www.seocheckin.com
  29. https://www.yashublog.com
  30. http://placemakingonline.com/
  31. https://dailypostnewz.com/
  32. http://ureadthis.com/
  33. http://www.article.org.in/
  34. https://www.agreatertown.com/
  35. https://insyncfamilies.com/
  36. https://www.lezeto.com/
  37. http://articles.abilogic.com/
  38. https://medium.com/
  39. http://www.pr4-articles.com/
  40. https://justpaste.it/
  41. https://www.guestpostsubmit.com/
  42. http://yuzhongmki.com/
  43. https://squawkchic.com
  44. http://www.xiangtan8.com/
  45. http://www.worldnews2ch.com/
  46. http://www.v3fd.com/
  47. http://infosecbuddy.com/
  48. abcarticledirectory.com
  49. http://upublish.info
  50. http://e-articles.info
  51. http://articlemonkeys.com
  52. http://dime-co.com
  53. http://web-source.net
  54. http://EvanCarmichael.com
  55. http://articlerich.com
  56. http://amazines.com
  57. http://articlewarehouse.com
  58. http://acmearticles.com
  59. http://article-buzz.com
  60. http://fourpxarticles.com
  61. http://articlebliss.com
  62. http://articles.everyquery.com
  63. http://thecontentcorner.com
  64. http://affsphere.com
  65. http://articlecell.com
  66. http://articlestars.com
  67. http://articlecube.com
  68. http://articlecompilation.com
  69. http://articlepool.com
  70. http://365articles.com
  71. http://articlenexus.com

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